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Vision & Mission

The Centre aims to transform the community with a state of the art facility that will accommodate the delivery of a multiplicity of activities and services – creating flexible adaptable space for business start up and enterprise, health improvement, conference, exhibition and training suites, day nursery, and community hall and on line cafe. The vision behind the Centre is to provide local people with accessible opportunities to learning, training, employment and leisure activities, and to meet social need through entrepreneurial action. This Centre will act as a catalyst for the further regeneration of our community.

The Brymbo & Tanyfron Regeneration Trust, which has developed and delivered the project have been determined from the outset that the range of services and activities available through the Centre will not be prescriptive but driven by existing and future community demands.

The Centre aims to generate economic activity within the community, to raise aspirations through accessible opportunity and to satisfy community needs. The Centre is part of a network of lifelong learning opportunities across West Wrexham. Seeking to reduce real barriers to access training and employment, by providing facilities for a range of service providers to offer advice and support.

Brymbo Enterprise Centre interior Brymbo Enterprise Centre interior Brymbo Enterprise Centre interior