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A total of £3.6m was secured by the Brymbo & Tanyfron Regeneration Trust to facilitate the construction and initial set-up cost of the Brymbo Enterprise Centre. The funding came from European Urban II Regional Development Funding which aims to promote sustainable and social regeneration of urban areas, matched by Welsh Assembly Government Local Regeneration Funding and a mix of funding from Wrexham County Borough Council. It has been almost 20 years since iron and steel making stopped at Brymbo and the glow of the furnaces was dimmed forever. New life has been born out of the ashes of the past and has become a shining beacon for the future. The Centre is an investment in the future giving back to Brymbo and its surrounding areas a state-of-the art amenity which caters for a wide range of activities and services.

The 19,000 square foot building is built on the site of the coke ovens at the former Brymbo Steelworks, high above the village, and looks on to the reclaimed green plateaus and some of the hundreds of new homes built in Brymbo and Tanyfron, which completely transformed the former industrial area.

Brymbo Enterprise Centre exterior Brymbo Enterprise Centre exterior Brymbo Enterprise Centre exterior